After the storm

Jo Myers-Walker with daughter Shelby at the 2016 Iowa Arts Festival

Shelby and me, with rainbow

When a storm came through on Saturday of the Iowa Arts Festival and blew over my tent, breaking the frame, many wonderful people helped me move the artwork from my booth to safety and take down the sides and top of the broken tent. After the rain stopped I felt the rainbow telling me to put my work in galleries, out of the weather!

On Sunday after the calamity, where my booth had been, I chalked a thank-you to the Iowa City folks who rescued my art and kept the tent from going completely over.

Jo chalks a thank-you to Iowa City residents during 2016 Iowa Arts Festival

Leaving a thank-you note to Iowa City:
“My tent blew over – I am not here – Thank you IC for saving my artwork”

Jo selling from art cart at 2016 Iowa Arts Festival

Selling from my cart with no tent — I am a diehard!
(Many thanks to festival volunteer
Yejun for this photo)

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