Skywalk sculpture

Workers use a lift to install artwork outside the Cedar Rapids skywalk

Bolting the bars on skywalk with Riley and William installing; I unwrapped panels in the background

Jo Myers-Walker speaking at the reveal of artwork installed on Cedar Rapids skywalk

Speaking at the “grand reveal”
(photo courtesy of
Lois Albrecht)

Jo Myers-Walker with family members at reveal of artwork installed on Cedar Rapids skywalk

Daughter Adele, granddaughter Olivia, me, and son Devin (photo courtesy of Lois Albrecht).
Devin did the computer work so PlexiCraft could cut the sections out of the Lexan™.

These photos are from the reveal ceremony for my sculpture (full name: “Diversity in Motion at a Downtown Cedar Rapids Crossroads”) created for Murals & More: the Cedar Rapids Mural Trail and installed on a section of the skywalk across 3rd Street SE. Murals & More is creating an art trail through the downtown area to make the arts central to the daily lives of Iowans. The design was to reflect the people, culture, and spirit of Cedar Rapids.

In preparing my design I walked through the skywalks and down some of the streets and saw a diverse population of all ages. The sculpture consists of eight shaped Lexan™ panels (half on each side of the skywalk), with a total of 40 painted figures representing the diversity of the city — neighbors greeting neighbors, tending to their daily lives and having fun downtown. The figures are walking along with the people in the skywalk and can also be viewed from the street. I used transparent plastic paint to give a stained glass effect when light shines through.

I’ll show and tell more about the process of creating them in an upcoming newsletter!

One of the eight sculpture panels by Jo Myers-Walker seen from outside the Cedar Rapids skywalk

One of the panels seen from the street
(photo courtesy of Lois Albrecht)

One of the eight sculpture panels by Jo Myers-Walker seen from inside the Cedar Rapids skywalk

From the inside of the skywalk,
transparent jewel-like colors

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