Figure drawing downtown

An artist's model poses at a coffee shop sidewalk table while being sketched by class members in downtown Iowa City

Sketching our model in front of The Java House

Pencil sketches of a model drawn by various artists

Looking at our sketches on a June morning

This summer I’m teaching “Figure Drawing and Painting in Downtown Iowa City,” organized by the Artifactory, and we took to the streets for our first session on June 11. You can drop in for any or all of the remaining sessions if you’d like to “venture out into the cool summer mornings, capturing the sunlight casting over the figure to show facial form and folds on clothing.”

Update:  This class has ended for Summer 2018 — thank you to everyone who joined in! See the Classes and Events page for what’s coming up.

Sketches by Jo Myers-Walker illustrating figure drawing concepts

Poster and some materials for the class
(Click image to view a larger version of just the poster)

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