Lucky’s Feet

Cover of the book "Lucky's Feet" with photos of a young boy whose clubfoot condition was treated using the Ponseti method

Cover of the book “Lucky’s Feet”
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on Clubfoot Solutions website

I’m pleased to share with you a new book for which I was the illustrator. “Lucky’s Feet” is a children’s book based on the true story of a boy whose clubfoot condition was treated using the Ponseti method to allow him to walk, go to school, and play like his brothers and sisters and friends. The Ponseti method is named for Dr. Ignacio Ponseti, M.D. who developed the technique at the University of Iowa (UI), and uses a series of expertly placed casts to gradually adjust the position of a child’s feet. The Ponseti method does not involve surgery and can be applied anywhere in the world. The “Iowa Brace,” developed at UI, helps maintain the position of the child’s feet after they are done with the casts.

“Lucky’s Feet” was written by Dr. Thomas Cook, P.T., Ph.D., professor emeritus of Public Health and Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Sciences at UI; and Dr. O.O. Adegbehingbe, M.D., the pediatric orthopedic surgeon and professor in Nigeria who treated the real-life “Lucky” whose story is the basis for the book. Dr. Adegbehingbe serves on the Medical Advisory Board of the Ponseti International Association, and Dr. Cook is co-founder of the non-profit Clubfoot Solutions and is currently Director of Global Operations of the Ponseti International Association.

From the Clubfoot Solutions website:
“Dr. Ponseti’s legacy lives on through Ponseti International Association and Clubfoot Solutions. The two organizations are working together to deliver the Ponseti Method to children everywhere, and hope that the Iowa Brace will finally realize Dr. Ponseti’s dream of a high quality clubfoot brace for every child born with this deformity.”

You can buy “Lucky’s Feet” from the shop on Clubfoot Solutions website; 100% of the profits from the sale of this book go to Clubfoot Solutions.

Dr. Thomas Cook has added his narration of the story in “Lucky’s Feet” to my artwork to create these videos:

Watercolor illustrations depicting scenes from the story of a boy whose clubfoot condition was treated using the Ponseti method

Two of my illustrations for the book. Since it’s based
on a true story, my style for the paintings needed to
stick close to the facts.

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