Artist Jo Myers-Walker in front of a display of her paintings inside Iowa Artisans Gallery, November 2020

The big work table (behind me here)
helped with social distancing!
I’m holding a copy of “Lucky’s Feet.”

A painting illustration from the book Lucky's Feet links to a Facebook video of a narration of the book

Click the image above to watch a video
narrating the book “Lucky’s Feet” on
Clubfoot Solutions’ Facebook page

I was at Iowa Artisans Gallery (Iowa City, IA) with safety measures in place for Saturday’s Eastside Artists Downtown Art Crawl. It was wonderful to be in the Gallery with all the color for a one-day show. I sat behind a big table, painted a bit and talked to people, masked and 6′ away. I sold some Creating for a Cause cards, and the book Lucky’s Feet was a big hit. The book is based on the true story of a boy whose clubfoot condition was treated using the Ponseti method. All profits from its sale go to the nonprofit Clubfoot Solutions (where you can buy it in their online shop).

Clubfoot Solutions has posted a Facebook video of author Dr. Thomas M. Cook narrating “Lucky’s Feet” while showing the story through my paintings. As I illustrated the book I was so moved by the courage and patience of Lucky and his grandmother as they continued to carry on. I’m thankful to have been a part of creating the book and bringing the story to you.

In addition to the narrated video linked above, Dr. Thomas Cook has posted a YouTube video with his narration and written captions along with my artwork:

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