Scenes at Shalom

Exterior photo of buildings and shaded lawn at Shalom Spirituality Center in Dubuque, Iowa with watercolor painting of detail of the scene by artist Jo Myers-Walker

Using a viewfinder (white paper with rectangle cut
out) to select an area of focus from the larger photo

For our July Watercolor Playgroup at Shalom Spirituality Center, I took photos of the grounds outside, then using a viewfinder found a part that spoke to me rather than painting the whole yard. We painted the closeup area and added some chickens. The class wanted to paint larger chickens as one participant had chickens at home. In the painting at left below, we were outside celebrating and saw our shadows and it was joyful!

Watercolor painting of person with arms outstretched to play with making shadow by artist Jo Myers-Walker

Painting shadows is grounding and revealing

Sketch and watercolor painting of a chicken by artist Jo Myers-Walker

Always a favorite subject

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