Wrapping up summer at Shalom

Multiple left and right footprints in purple and green paint respectively on a large sheet of white paper

What are the stories your feet can tell you?
Where have they been?

Watercolor painting of a chicken in the background with many colorfully painted leaves in the foreground by artist Jo Myers-Walker

Anticipating a colorful future for the leaves

To round out the Watercolor Playgroup series with our August session, we started by making prints of our feet using washable tempera paint in flat pans. Lots of giggles doing this, but so fun! While the footprints were drying we painted the ever-popular chicken, and drew around leaves and painted them with lots of color getting ready for fall.

As we gazed at our dried footprints, considering the lines and impressions in our feet that have carried us for so long, we began to find shapes and symbols, like seeing animals in the clouds. Class members imagined landscapes where they could add trees and people. We cut out our “feet” and added a little paint and markers and made cards. One participant sent her footprint to her beloved with the words, “I will follow you anywhere.”

For an artist or anyone, it’s powerful to try learning to see beyond the obvious. We can use many methods to look at things in new ways and strive to “see as God sees.” I enjoyed working, playing, and meeting with people at these summer sessions and look forward to returning to Shalom Spirituality Center (check out their Events and Newsletters pages for upcoming events!).

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