All the World’s a Stage

All the World's a Stage, BookMarks statue by Jo Myers-Walker

All the World’s a Stage, "BookMarks" statue by Jo Myers-Walker (photo by BookMarks Book Art of Johnson County)

(Update, June 12: All the World’s a Stage has now moved to an outdoor theater.)

When I was visiting Iowa City recently I ran across one of two BookMarks statues I created, inside the Iowa City Public Library! Last year artists created 25 statues which were publicly displayed and then auctioned in November to benefit area libraries.

All the World’s a Stage was originally installed at the Coralville Center for the Performing Arts, but I found it at the public library at 123 S. Linn St. in Iowa City. My other BookMarks statue was based on the book Home by author Marilynne Robinson. I’ll let you know if I find out where it has turned up!

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