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125 Main Street, Gilbert, Iowa

125 Main Street, Gilbert, Iowa

I’ve sold the little bank in Gilbert, and now I’m based in Iowa City. Check out my blog for what I’m doing these days!

Original post:
You might notice from local real estate listings that the “bank” building in Gilbert (where I have my studio) is currently on the market. I plan to continue teaching in the area, whether at my own building or other locations. I’ve been seriously thinking of retiring in some way, though, and want to continue my Franciscan journey. By not being attached to a building I would have more freedom to follow my spiritual passion. This still includes artmaking (often with others)!

I’ll keep you posted on any developments, and you can contact [redacted] if you’re interested in a distinctive classic building.

Front room of The Left Bank Studio photo by Cortney Kintzer

Front room of The Left Bank Studio
(photo by Cortney Kintzer, used with permission)

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