Christmas glow

Friends Jeanette and Joan help set up Jo Myers-Walker's booth at the 2019 Eastside Artists Show and Sale in Iowa City

Jeanette and Joan helping
to set up at Eastside Artists

Thank you to everyone who came to the Eastside Artists Show and Sale, and to everyone who donated bras to help Free the Girls!

I could feel the joy of community as guests enjoyed the show. It began my Christmas of hope and light coming into the world.

The Eastside Artists Annual Show and Sale is a December tradition in Iowa City. Mark your calendar to check the Eastside Artists Facebook page for next year’s show!

Artist Jo Myers-Walker poses with a cardboard likeness at her booth at Eastisde Artists Show and Sale 2019 in Iowa City

Jo and Jo:  When I was not at my booth, I still was anyway!
You may recognize my alter ego from the post Art in Amana. I printed out close-up
photos of class members and myself, then we cut out our faces the best we could
and put foam core behind them to stabilize. (Photos courtesy of Patti Z)

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