New class dates for March

Sketch and painting of medieval castle in Lussan in southern France by artist Jo Myers-Walker

The Château de Lussan is a medieval fortified castle, still in use today (pictured with another
classic, the Citroën). We used masking fluid on the birds so we could paint the clouds.

I’ve added March class dates to the Classes and Events page. We’ll continue our “staycation” theme — above, I just could not resist adding birds to this view of the Château de Lussan in southern France (link is to Google translation of French Wikipedia page).

My classes have found that two hours goes by in a hurry! I’ve started a system of using the same subject two weeks in a row, with different warmup exercises each week, so class members can more easily complete a painting without feeling rushed. Those comfortable with finishing a painting more quickly can branch out with their own subjects.

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