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On Wednesday I had an enjoyable phone call with friend Heidi Kaisand, owner of Hen & Chicks Studio in Conrad, Iowa, for her show “Create With Heidi,” available from the podcast page of the Hen & Chicks website. The episode with my interview is titled “Passion for Painting.” Heidi and I talked about how we met, how I came to paint the doors that serve as room dividers in her retreat space “The Nest,” and about the experience of flow in the creative process.

To quote the website, “Hen & Chicks Studio is Conrad, Iowa’s premiere destination for quilting and scrap booking inspiration!” In addition to shopping for supplies, you can listen to the show each week for a bit of creative encouragement, catch up on past interviews, find many more events and ideas on the Hen & Chicks website, and check out Heidi’s videos on her social media pages.

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