Painting while dogsitting

Two small dogs next to a small watercolor illustration by artist Jo Myers-Walker

Attentive Frank and Bella, with painting for scale

Earlier this summer I spent some time dogsitting with my daughter’s beloved dogs Frank and Bella (both females), shown at right; then more recently with another daughter’s dog Olive, shown below.

Olive is very affectionate and used to sitting on her owner’s lap. After playing ball with her I wanted to paint, so I pulled up a chair next to me and she laid her head on my lap with an occasional lick on my brushes and paint container. It is just like kids in the studio, better to let them be involved!

A small Cavalier King Charles Spaniel dog sits on a chair in front of a watercolor workstation

Olive (at bottom right of the photo)
at the work station

A small dog inspects a watercolor illustration by artist Jo Myers-Walker

Inspecting the results

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