Remembering Ames Children’s Theater

A sculpture shows a painting of four young people gesturing toward Ames Children's Theater logo with theater curtains represented in a foreground layer

Four young participants gesture toward the
Ames Children’s Theater logo in a scene
featuring the familiar white cube stage prop

I had the honor of creating this small sculpture to commemorate and celebrate Ames Children’s Theater, which recently wrapped up its illustrious 40-plus-year run. The program provided theater experience to area children, and presented plays and guest artist performances in Ames elementary schools. The sculpture is made of durable Lexan™ and is sized to easily move from place to place.

As usual with a commissioned piece, I worked with the client in developing the artwork to reflect their vision. In this case I collaborated with notable friend of the arts Carole Horowitz, who was instrumental in founding Ames Children’s Theater and throughout its run. It was fun for me to work with Carole because I’ve worked on so many committees when in Ames and we could reminisce about happenings in the art world.

Carole and Children’s Theater board member Maureen Friedrich spoke with the Ames Tribune for the article, “End of an era: Ames Children’s Theater disbands after more than 40 years.”

Update January 2022:
I’m sad to relate that Carole has passed away; see my blog post Carole Horowitz for a link to her obituary.

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