Tree of celebration

A tabletop Christmas tree with baby shoes and a baby hat among the decorations

Celebrating life

I love this little tree, I have my children’s baby shoes among the ornaments and “countdown” envelopes, and at the top is son Devin’s little blue cap he wore from the hospital.

The only problem I had was buying more lights — the stores were all out, but the joy of the little tree does not need a full array of lights, it sparkles anyway.

Happy Holidays to those near and far! Rejoice in the little things as it is all about Love.

Ceramic nativity scene overseen by a small "alien" doll

A joyful scene

A small "alien" doll dressed in a green jumpsuit stands on a small black ladder to look at a tabletop Christmas tree and nativity scene

Coming from afar like the wise men,
this "alien" from my doll collection has
climbed the ladder to get a good look

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